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E-Bike Info

Jamis eBikes

  • Hudson laid-back frame design with low ride height for easy starts and stops
  • Rear hub motor providing Class-1 assist up to 20MPH
  • Alex DC25 alloy double-wall rims, formula hubs, and stainless steel spokes
  • 320wh battery provides an average range of 20-50 miles
  • Full Shimano 7-Speed drivetrain
  • Sealed cartridge bottom bracket
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Jamis Comfort saddle with memory foam and bumper springs

Scott eBikes

  • Genius eRIDE Carbon/Alloy Frame
  • FOX 36 Rhythm 160mm Fork
  • FOX Float EVOL, 150mm, TwinLoc
  • SRAM SX-NX Eagle 12 Speed
  • Bosch CX, up to 1125Wh, PowerTube
  • Shimano 4 Piston Disc Brakes
  • Schwalbe Foldable Tires
  • Syncros Dropper Post and Parts
  • Bosch Light Cable pre-installed F&R

Answers to the Question: How Far Can I Go?

Generally, the higher the Wh is, the great the range you can travel, in theory. Reality is different though, there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration:

  • The weight of the bike: the heavier the bike is, the more power it uses to move it along. Quality eBikes, such as Specialized, Scott, Jamis, and Orbea make sure the weight and balance are a focus. 
  • The quality of the motor: smooth starting motors save power and increase range. Brose, Bosch, and Shimano motors are at the top of the category right now and each of them designs motors according to where the bikes will be ridden. The motor for an eMTB will have different settings than an urban or commuter bike, so one size fits all does not work well with eBikes. 
  • Where, when, and how you ride: the terrain makes a big impact on travel range. A smooth flat road will allow you to ride further than a poor-quality road with large climbs in it. Although it may not seem like it the wind and temperature also affect battery life. Finally, how the power settings are used and your pedal style will both play an important role, if you ride in the highest setting the entire time you will not go as far as using the lowest. As for pedaling, you should strive to pedal with the same cadence throughout the ride by changing gears, this will help prolong battery life.

What eBike is right for me?

Looking to find which bike is correct for your needs, click the links below to browse our selection and find details on different makes and models.