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Industry News and Local Events

Thursday Evening MTB Group Ride

Each Thursday evening we will host an MTB bike ride, the place and time are TBD each week. The ride info will be posted on our Facebook page, which you can reach by following this link:

Run You Fools Running Club

This is a free club where you can post your training runs while looking for others to run with. You can also find local running events that are members are attending. If you are new or a veteran runner we would love for you to join our group so we can help each other live healthier lives and do our best to enjoy injury-free running. Run You Fools

Looking For A New Trail, 

Shimano Crank Recall

If you have a bicycle with an Ultegra or Dura-Ace crankset and are wondering if it falls under the replacement category, here is a link to help you determine if you need to bring it to the shop for us to look at.


New Helmet?

Did you know that your bicycle helmet has an expiration date? Well, it does. The Consumer Product Safety Division (CPSC) and The Snell Memorial Foundation (Snell Rating) both agree that you should replace your helmet every five years or sooner if you have had a crash. If you'd like to know more follow the link below.


Monthly Blog

This month we are going to give you a look into our history. If you would like to learn how DNA Bikes came to be what it is today, click the link below and join us as we relive all our past events that shaped the shop.